Integrate Your Technologies with our Yahoo! Search Marketing APIs

The Yahoo! Search Marketing API provides programmatic access to the same functionality exposed visually in the web-based interface. You can create and manage campaigns, pull reports, set bids and more. All of these capabilities are exposed via a collection of SOAP-based Web Services that are easy to use and thoroughly documented.
Yahoo! Search Marketing
Don't know too much about Yahoo! Search Marketing (YSM)? In that case, you should probably learn more about YSM products and services before requesting API access. Note that Yahoo! Search Marketing is different from Yahoo! Search, so our API offering and programs are under separate access.
Getting Started
After having familiarized yourself with Yahoo! Search Marketing, we highly recommend reading the EWS Documentation, which includes the Getting Started Guide and the Marketing API Reference. Make sure you have a solid understanding of the lingo, and feel comfortable with basic concepts, like what a Campaign and Ad Group are. This will make your experience with the Yahoo! Search Marketing API much more fulfilling.
The Marketing API Reference includes sample code in four "first class" languages. These are the programming languages that we have, through community insight, determined to be the most widely used to integrate with our APIs. In no particular order, they are: Java, .NET, Perl and PHP.
Support & Community
For developers like yourself, Yahoo! Search Marketing provides an extensive online resource for your development, prototyping, and testing needs. Check out our Technology Solutions Portal, which hosts our documentation, announcements, downloads, FAQs, and support forms to get you up and running quickly. Share your insights and questions via our moderated discussion board and mailing list on Yahoo! Tech Groups.
There are two primary environment in which you can work. Because management of data in our production environment manipulates live campaigns and can impact your budgets, we provide a Sandbox environment where you can test your applications or our new features. The data in our Sandbox is for testing purposes only and will never be exposed to users of the Yahoo! Network.
You will need a Sandbox-only account and license key, which you can easily receive by entering your email address below. The Sandbox key, as well as "Getting Started" information will be sent to your email address shortly.