The World Wide Web

The World Wide Web started as a network information project at an institute. Today the web has been called the embodiment of human knowledge and information. The web has quickly become the most effective, economical and approachable means with which share and broadcast information. The web, apart from being a knowledge bank for any and every thing, has also shortened the distances between people with real time communication. The web has undoubtedly given a dynamic new dimension to human technology.

Aside from being the source of information to macrocosm, the web has become a new platform for marketing businesses and individuals across the globe. Due to the advancement of internet technology, corporate entities have gone from merely having an online presence to being on the top of the list of any search engine for the services they offer through search engine optimization, from businesses just having a dotcom to having their entire revenues generated through online traffic. Aimgweb has been on the forefront of this paradigm shift. Aimgweb has forged the best design and development methodologies and optimized its processes to be the one-stop-shop for any and every web design, development, enhancement, maintenance and support need of a business or individual. With a broad spectrum of offerings Aimgweb can cater to the most complex enterprise wide web applications to the simplest dotcoms.

Aimgweb can take charge and ownership of the technology needs of businesses and individuals doing end-to-end technology consulting associated with any web related needs. The entire gamut of services offered by Aimgweb comprise of

client Web Presence Management
client Web Development
client e-Business Solutions
client Rich Internet Applications
client Ongoing Website Maintenance and Enhancement