No matter what media strategy you employ—direct response, brand awareness, or a combination of the two—Microsoft® Media Network offers the reach and high-quality properties you need to meet your campaign objectives.

It’s the advertising network where creativity meets technology to deliver online solutions. Microsoft Media Network is a premium ad network of top-ranked commercial sites like MSN™, Fox Sports, and hundreds of others.

Have more, achieve more with your network.
We’ll help you build innovative, cutting-edge programs that engage audiences, unify experiences, and deliver valuable information about every interaction with your audience.
Reach over 66 percent1 of the U.S. online population.
Protect your brand by advertising only on trusted Microsoft, partner, and third-party sites.
Gain insight by leveraging data from unique first-party assets like Windows Live™ IDs, Bing™, and MSN.
Reach specific audience segments with custom targeted solutions.
Work with our campaign planning and management teams to optimize your campaigns for maximum returns.
Tailor solutions to your brand’s needs with our consumer insights and analytics.

1comScore Media Metrix, March 2011.
We offer the targeting tools you need, from basic profile targeting to advanced custom solutions. Our use of strong first-party data and our partnerships with third-party providers give us unique advantages that help you drive outstanding results.

Performance Display
Microsoft Media Network is the right place to drive actions. You can achieve your direct response objectives by action (CPA), by click (CPC), or by volume (CPM).

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The Microsoft Media Network is Microsoft’s premium display advertising network, combining the reach of Microsoft’s network of owned and operated sites, such as leading brands MSN and Windows Live, with those of up to 300 quality partner sites. Through the Microsoft Media Network, your campaign can reach up to 144 million users across Europe*, using inventory from some of the most trusted sites across the web.

The Microsoft Media Network takes campaign performance to the next level, allowing you to target audiences on a scale that delivers real results. In its combination of quality inventory, diversity of audience and mass reach, the Microsoft Media Network is uniquely positioned to provide a complete portfolio of digital marketing solutions, whether your objective is building brand awareness, increasing engagement or driving response rates.

The reach and quality of the Microsoft Media Network powers our unique range of audience targeted ad solutions and direct response ad solutions.

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Online Ad Networks are one of the most effective means available for increasing the reach and frequency of an online advertising campaign. Ad networks include many different web sites, allowing advertisers to reach a broader audience than they would be exposed to through buying inventory on a single site or channel.

Advertising networks such as the Microsoft Media Network deliver far more than increased scale. By combining greater reach with powerful audience targeted ad solutions, ad networks deliver target audiences in greater numbers and at greater frequency than would otherwise be possible. Although ad networks are traditionally seen as ‘blind buys’, giving advertisers limited control over where and how their ads appear, today’s advertising networks are increasingly responsive and flexible, giving advertisers far greater control over how their ads are seen.

The Microsoft Media Network is a premium ad network, reaching 144 million European users a month*. Advertisers on our premium advertising network are guaranteed high-quality environments and can target audiences through the wide range of audience targeted ad solutions.

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