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BlackBerry Mobile Voice System

BlackBerry® Mobile Voice System (BlackBerry MVS) is designed to unify desk phone features with BlackBerry smartphones and Wi-Fi® networks to optimize costs and coverage, and make users more reachable. BlackBerry MVS supports a wide variety of BlackBerry smartphones, including the new BlackBerry® 7 OS smartphones. This system is designed to unify fixed and mobile voice communications. It leverages Voice over Wi-Fi® technology to help you save on mobility costs and improve productivity.

BlackBerry MVS is designed to allow a variety of PBX systems and telecommunications vendors the ability to interoperate with BlackBerry MVS functionality on BlackBerry smartphones.1 It provides one business phone number, one caller ID, one voice mailbox and office phone features through BlackBerry® smartphones.

BlackBerry Mobile Voice System (BlackBerry MVS) components include the following:

BlackBerry MVS Server
BlackBerry MVS Server interfaces between the BlackBerry® Enterprise Server and an organization''s phone system to mobilize desk phone features on BlackBerry smartphones. Seamless integration with the BlackBerry Enterprise Server provides highly secure authentication and allows for the easy administration of BlackBerry MVS functionality.

BlackBerry MVS Client
BlackBerry MVS Client software adds many familiar desk phone features to BlackBerry smartphones. The BlackBerry MVS Client integrates directly with the native phone application to allow the user to receive or place calls from the mobile line or the desk phone number. Network administrators can deploy this software wirelessly on BlackBerry smartphones