AIMGWeb takes your app from an idea to a world-class App with crisp screen shots, captivating marketing text and even a full-blown marketing campaign to get you noticed and ensure success!

Why Should You Choose Us?

1) We''re based in the USA
2) Our software engineers and creative developers are highly experienced in their fields
3) We help you build highly strategic ideas for your application development
4) We build relationships through innovative partnerships
5) We build affordable solutions for entrepreneurs, individuals and businesses
6) We create engaging Apps
7) We understand what "ROI" really means
8) We''re reliable and available for you 24/7. We know what "communication" really means
9) We push every idea to its limits, making the best App in the marketplace
10) Our projects are guided by a patent-pending Scoping process

Our App Development Process

Whatever your idea is, big or small, you can bring it to us and our App Consultants will help you hone your vision. After completing our questionnaire, we''ll move onto the Strategy.

Our team will investigate your idea, look at the market and put a team tailor-fit to the type of App you''re looking to build. Then we''ll work with you to discover which features will help your App shine.

After the strategy has been determined, each idea goes to a Designer and Writer to build every facet of functionality - from login to social networking - all to ensure your App is heads and tails above the competition.

Once we''ve created all the details of your App, our hand-picked design team builds an interface with the perfect blend of beauty and functionality.

Our developers take all the specifications and build a clean, responsive App, featuring cutting-edge interface concepts and interesting animations

We deliver a world-class App to the appropriate app store, providing crisp screenshots, intriguing marketing text and a even a full-blown online marketing campaign to get you noticed!

At AIMGWeb, our goal is to educate our clients on the development process of smartphone applications and how they can directly benefit them and their business. Once you understand the process, we offer end-to-end development services, starting with the concept to the development to the marketing/promotion and management of the project. It is not our intention to sell you an App but rather to build your investment.

Remember, you''re investing money into this, so the goal is for you to get a return on it. We are different from the majority of App development companies that generally offer their services on a "one-off" basis whereas we focus on driving results through our suite of strategic philosophies in Smartphone software development. We desire to produce measurable results and ultimately a long-term relationship. We feel that all clients have the right to know what what it takes to build an App before they make investment.