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Custom iPhone – iPad Application Development
The iPhone and now the iPad are the most perspective next-generation mobile platform in the today's market. The process of designing an iPhone/iPad application is very much like to that of the creating a Mac OS X application. iPhone is a mobile platform, and it has other purposes when comparing with a Mac OX. When designing an iPhone/iPad application you need a different approach. Such features like touch screen, limited memory size and completely different field of use, should be carefully taken into consideration. Also, the fast updates in technologies behind these two magnificent gizmos have to be kept pace with while still not shedding the service of older versions until they turn obsolete. That’s what we do, as for the iPhone 4 we design apps not only with its latest software, i.e. iOS 4.0, but also with its older variants that still have a wide user base, i.e. iPhone OS 2.0 for iPhone 3G and iPhone OS 3.0 for iPhone 3GS.

What We Do
The Appiction management team is comprised of highly qualified and experienced leaders in business, advertising, digital media, strategy, network engineering and technology development/deployment and have proven capabilities in directing media and technology communications. Our business model revolves around your results. Your success in the App space establishes credibility for our company, therefore we strive to make your business successful. An App project should be looked upon as an investment and all of our products, services and policies cater to this philosophy. Each of our App projects are broken down into the following 4 categories..

Our development team consists of engineers with varying skill-sets for projects ranging from a simple HTML website to large scale social media Application projects. We develop on all Smart Phone SDK's for iPhone/iTouch, Android,Symbian, Blackberry/RIM andWinmobile. We are fluent in; ADO, Adobe Flex, Apache, AppleDashcode, Apple XCode, ASP.NET, C/C++, CakePHP, Cent OS, Cocoa/ Objective, Cocos 2D, Delphi, Flash, Flex, HTML/DHTM, J2ME, Java, JSP, Linux, MsSql, MySql, Openlaszlo, Oracle DBA, Oracle PL/SQL, Perl, PHP, Python, RIA, ROR, Ruby, Silverlight, SQL, Unix, XCode, Zendand more.

We understand that education is critical to successful App deployment and we work with each client to determine feasibility through research, architecture, planning, feature/functionality, scalability and creative development in effort to accurately execute the vision of each of our clients.

Our strategy team understands that in order to accomplish your vision, we must first determine what you want to "have" as a result of your App (an investment), what we need to "do" to get there (the App development) and who you have to "be" (the brand) needed to execute that vision.

There are tens of thousands of successful Apps -- and your idea could be the next big hit; however results may not yield without some time, effort and energy. In order for an App project to be successful, we encourage all of our clients to invest in additional marketing services provided by Appiction. These include, but are not limited to, App name development/ algorithms, brand development, launch marketing strategies, web search engine optimization, pay-per-click, micro-websites and social media placement and dissemination.

Whatever your idea is, big or small, you bring it to us and our App Consultants help you hone your vision. After filling out our questionnaire, we’ll move onto the Strategy.

Our team will investigate your idea, look at the market and put a team tailor-fit to the type of App you’re looking to build. Then we’ll work with you to discover which features that will help your App shine.

After Strategy, each idea goes to a Designer and Writer to build every facet of functionality - from login to social networking - all to ensure your App is heads and tails above the competition.

Once we’ve created all the details of your App, our hand-picked design team builds you an interface with the perfect blend of beauty and functionality.

Our developers take all the specifications and build you a clean, responsive App, featuring cutting-edge interface concepts and interesting animations

We deliver a world-class App to the appropriate app store, providing crisp screenshots, intriguing marketing text and a even a full-blown online marketing campaign to get you noticed!

1) We’re based in the USA
2) Our software engineers and creative developers are highly experienced in their fields
3) We help you build highly strategic ideas for your iPhone application development
4) We build relationships through innovative partnerships
5) We build affordable solutions for entrepreneurs, individuals and businesses
6) We create engaging Apps
7) We understand what "ROI" really means
8) We’re reliable and available for you 24/7. We know what "communication" means
9) We push every idea to its limits, making the best App in the marketplace
10) Our projects are guided by a patent-pending Scoping process

At Appiction, our main intention is to successfully educate all our clients (read the content articles here) on how iPhone App development and other smartphone application development can directly benefit them or their business. Then we offer end-to-end application development services - from App concept to App development to App marketing/promotion and management. We're not looking to "sell you an App" -- rather, we desire to build you an investment.

After all, you’re investing money – would you like to get a return on it? Unlike the majority of application development companies that offer their services on a "one-off" basis, our focus is dedicated to driving results through our suite of strategic philosophies in Smartphone software development which produce measurable revenue -- and ultimately long-term relationships. We believe that all clients deserve to know what it takes to build an App before they make the investment, hence our patent-pending App Scoping process.
We make the most innovative and "appictive" iPhone software development Apps available. We specialize in developing iPhone Apps across numerous domains. An example of our omnipresence spans across various platforms like Android application development, Symbian OS development, iPhone apps development and Blackberry application development, including the wide range of domains listed below:
Business - Education - Travel - Lifestyle - Reference - Sports - Productivity - Music - Healthcare and Fitness - Finance -Games - Books - Entertainment - Multimedia - Search Tools - Social Networking -Utilities - And more…